Hike or Ski Hut-to-Hut in the Mountains of Norway


If you are an avid and experienced Hiker or Cross Country Skier looking for new adventures and wanting to get out of your regular "tracks" here is your chance....

We represent the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) - a membership organization which owns and operate "huts" within a day's hike or ski from each other. Many of these "huts" are actually comfortable full service mountain lodges. In some cases they may be privately owned lodges that have special agreements with DNT. Other "huts" are self service DNT huts. The self service huts are furnished with beds, blankets, pillow and non perishable food which you purchase on an honor basis

The best hut-to-hut system is found in the major National Parks and their surrounding areas in central Norway. The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) organizes guided summer as well as winter tours. Following is a brief description of popular "Hut" to "Hut" hiking and cross country skiing areas. NOTE: Ski Trails are staked but not machine groomed and require back country or touring skis (2.5" wide). You only need to carry your own clothing and personal items, sheet bag (sleeping bag in the winter for safety reasons) and your trail lunch for the day. Your pack should be no more than 15-20lb.

The following National Parks have the best network of full service huts (mostly comfortable lodges) that are located within a days hike – 6-8 hours from each other. We have listed a few sample guided trips, but other options are available.  Please contact us for upcoming dates and costs.


Hardangervidda is the biggest mountain plateau in Northern Europe, and since 1981 is protected as a National Park. Thispark is home to the largest wild reindeer herds in Europe. The central and eastern parts are open and almost a flat plateau, while in the south and west the area is broken up by high mountain ridges, reaching up to 1700 meters in height. With its wide mountain plateau, the eastern part of Hardangervidda is a gift for skiers who do not like hard ups and downs.

  • Hardangervidda – 5 or 8 day guided Summer trips during July and August
  • Hardangervidda – 8 day Winter trips late March and early April
    Please inquire for exact dates and costs


SkarvheimenSkarvheimen borders Hardangervidda to the North and east. The area north of Finse is wilder and more broken than the flatter landscape in the southeast and is a popular gateway for those who want to go from Jotunheimen to Hardangervidda. The snow conditions are usually good in March and April. In the area around the Oslo–Bergen railway the snow lasts the longest. Hardangerjøkulen, the sixth biggest glacier in Norway is found here.Skarvheimen

  • Skarvheimen Mountains and Fjords Five day guided tour in late July/early August
    This hike starts in the mountains of Skarvheimen and ends by the Aurlandsfjord. Enjoy a boat trip to the spectacular Nærøyfjord, which is included on the UNESCO's world heritage list. Great variations are typical for Skarvheimen with green valleys, steep mountain walls, waterfalls, lakes and charming lodges. The valley of Aurland is one of the most popular trails in Norway. The train journey with Flåmsbanen gives the tour a spectacular ending. Accommodation is in staffed lodges

Jotunheimen National Park

JotunheimenJotunheimen National Park is the most magnificent mountain massif in Norway and consequently the most popular mountain area for outdoor activities. Here you will find sharp ridges, high plateau, glaciers and frozen lakes.

  • Weekly guided tours July and August
    - Hike from cabin to cabin for 8 days
    - Hike the famous ridge of Besseggen
    - Local food in the charming lodge Glitterheim
    - Climbing the second highest peak of Norway
    This is one of our most traditional hikes and you will visit the heart of Jotunheimen National Park and experience one of Norway's highest summits Glittertind. The scenic walk across the Besseggen ridge, is also a part of the program. This will be a fantastic experience if you are in good physical shape! Accommodation in staffed lodges. Very hilly and challenging


RondaneRondane was declared a National Park in 1970, the first in the country. This area is still home to one of Norway's last herd of wild reindeer. Many of the peaks reach above 2000 meters. Rondane is smaller than and not as wild as Jotunheimen National Park. Nevertheless, with its range of peaks, valleys and mountain areas, it offers a challenge for those who love the feeling of untamed nature combined with the possibility of exploring the peaks.

  • Recommended Winter Trip March
    This tour starts in the western part of Rondane at Høvringen, continuing southwards and ending up in the Ringebu mountains. There are no steep ascents or descents unless you climb a peak when staying the extra night at Rondvassbu. Accommodation will be in DNT-lodges, hotels and self-service cabins. Participants should be able to ski all day in all kinds of weather with a pack!


FemundsmarkaFemundsmarka is a unique area of natural beauty, with great pine forests or rocky terrain with the occasional lone pine trees. The region, near the border with Sweden, is heavily influenced by the local history of the Røros copper works, founded 350 years ago. The foundry had to look far and wide for wood as the forests were felled. The town of Røros is one of the oldest towns of wooden buildings in Europe and has been found worthy of a place on UNESCO's World Heritage list. Our tour ends here. The snow conditions in Femundsmarka are generally good and when days get longer in March and April, the conditions are usually perfect for winter activities.

  • Through the wilderness of Femunden - Guided hikes July and August
    - Hike from cabin to cabin for 6 days
    - Visit the charming city of Røros
    - Hikes in soft terrain with great variations
    - Boat trip across Femunden
    Røros is the starting point of this hike. The arrival day we will have time to visit this unique little town among narrow streets with characteristic old wood houses. The next days we will explore the deep forest of Femundsmarka by foot. Accommodation in charming self service cabins and mountain farms. A ferry takes us across the lake Femund, a unique area of natural beauty. The terrain is without steep hills.

Stay at DNT Huts For Day Trips!Norway

Not quite up to to hiking or skiing all day with a 15-20 lb pack on your back? You are in luck! You may still experience the wonderful Norwegian mountains. Some of the full service "huts" will let you stay there for multiple days and enjoy great day trips at your own pace. Please contact us and we will arrange the stay at a location best suited to your interest.


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